What's at Stake in 2008?

The Feminist Majority Foundation's Get Out Her Vote campaign outlines some of this election's central issues. What's your vote this year going to influence?

The 2008 election will decide who controls the White House, Congress and many state legislatures across the country. Those elected will be making decisions that could change your lives. Also, keep an eye out⁠ for special initiatives and referendums that may be on your state's ballot.

Reproductive Rights

Abortion rights and birth control⁠ are under attack in this country. Following South Dakota's abortion⁠ ban in March 2006, many other states have introduced legislation this year aimed at criminalizing abortion. The confirmations of two anti-choice Justices to the Supreme Court has already resulted in an attack on Roe v. Wade . Elected state and federal leaders will decide whether to roll back the clock on thirty years of progress and restrict women's access to abortion and birth control. To stem the tide of legislation attacking women and women's reproductive freedom across the country, our voices must be heard at the ballot box this November.

Civil Rights and Human Rights

Critical civil rights issues are at stake. Federal lawmakers will decide to weaken or strengthen Title IX, the historic U.S. law that prohibits discrimination in federally funded educational programs. Affirmative action programs for women and people of color in employment and education are under attack in some states and at the federal level. State and federal lawmakers continue to debate and pass laws on whether to permit civil unions between gays and lesbians or same- sex⁠ marriage or whether to restrict the benefits of marriage to heterosexual⁠ couples. To stand up for civil rights and gay⁠ and lesbian⁠ rights, our voices must be heard this November.

Global Peace and Women's Rights

The new President will make crucial decisions regarding Iraq, the participation of the U.S. in the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, and whether the U.S. will ratify the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). U.S. policy makers will be a major influence in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and Iraq and in determining the rights of women in these two countries. To demand peace and women's rights globally, our voices must be heard this November.

Women's Economic Equality

Even today, a woman with a college degree will make less money on average than a man who has dropped out of high school. Lawmakers elected in 2008 will make decisions about pay equity, equal education, minimum and livable wage laws, healthcare, federal welfare funding, and economic policies that will create or lose jobs. To demand equal pay for equal work, jobs and living wage, our voices must be heard this November.

Environment and Oil

The next President and Congress will decide the fate of environmental laws and regulations intended to crack down on corporate polluters, and how strictly these laws are enforced . The Congress and president determine our energy policies, and whether and how we are going to reduce our dependence on oil and develop renewable energy sources . To protect our environment and to ensure that we reduce our oil-dependency, our voices must be heard this November.

Globalization and Trade Policies

The next President and Congress will shape the U.S. role in globalization, our global trade policies, whether we crack down on sweatshops and protect workers' rights internationally from Juarez, Mexico to the Marianas Islands, and what we do to stop human trafficking . To promote the rights of women workers across the globe, our voices must be heard this November.

Vote!We'll be featuring information from the GOHV campaign throughout our election coverage in our voting guide this year. The Feminist Majority Foundation's Get Out HER Vote Campaign (GOHV) is the nation's only student voter education and registration initiative aimed at significantly increasing registration and voting by young women.

GOHV is a non-partisan campaign in accordance with the laws and regulations governing 501c3 organizations. While partisan groups are focusing on candidates you will focusing on the importance of voting and what is at stake for young people, especially young women and people of color!

Want to get involved? Campus team volunteers are still needed, especially in the states of California, Colorado and South Dakota. For more information, contact the campus team organizers by clicking here.