Study Shows Steep Rise in Elective C-Sections

What's going on here?

While all the articles on this study seemed to avoid mentioning the issue of doctors persuading pregnant patients to have cesarean deliveries, not to mention the yuckiness that the general practices and enviornment of hospital births tend to be, one has to scratch one's collective head.

If birth alone has to be perfectly scheduled to fit in with everything women are doing, how are women supposed to parent for the 20 years following? Or is it a matter of women being that afraid of using their vagina⁠ for one of the things it was meant for, or being afraid of their genitals⁠ , period⁠ ? It is, perhaps, like menstrual⁠ suppression, like the commercial push to douche, deoderize and santize the female body, like endless cosmetic surgeries to "fix" what is natural about women's bodies, just one more nudge towards the entire authenticity, reality and beauty of our bodies, their design and their very nature going the way of the dinosaur?

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