Even the Cutest Kittens: The Upbeat Song About STI Testing You Didn't Know You Needed.

When an email came into the Scarleteen inbox with kittens in the title, we were excited, of course (because kittens!) but unsure what to expect. What we got was this gloriously weird video for a cheerful little ditty about getting tested for STIs. The song is the brainchild of Sticky Biscuits, who were kind enough to answer some questions for us about why they chose to make a song (and a whole EP) about sexual⁠ health.

What inspired you to create a song about getting tested for STIs?

We'd been performing poppy songs with funny lyrics for a few years, mainly in the Berlin English comedy scene, and in the last years the topics often fell on relationships and sex⁠ . This song actually developed out⁠ of our own striving for an agreed upon sex health standard in our polycule⁠ . If you live in an open relationship⁠ or in a poly system (or polycule), there can be a multitude of attitudes and approaches to sex health, often times a different risk tolerances as well. This lead to tension. If one of us has an adventure, which safeguards do we agree on so we all feel safe? So we did some research and made some rules and wrote this song, maybe as a little motivation for ourselves to see this thing through and be persistent.

Can you tell us a little about how you decided the video for the song would look? Some people might have skewed “sexy” for a song about STIs, but this is much quirkier (and more interesting!).

That's just our general approach. Lure 'em in with the bright colors and cute surface, then hit 'em over the head with the message.

Hey, nobody wants be lectured about sex by a grey haired doctor in a white coat, right? We were looking for a poppy look that can be achieved with a minimum of time obligation for the individual dancers, which meant filming everyone alone in a green screen studio, so everyone only needed 30 minutes of time. The look is also inspired by the chiptune sound of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator which the song is performed on. Also we've always wanted to make a dance video.

Your EP “Public Service Arousements” is about different sex topics one might need advice on. Since there are so many different issues that can pop up around sex, how did you choose which subjects to cover for the EP?

They're usually the ones we have experience with. "Write what you know" as they say. 'Fuck First' was inspired by Dan Savage and his sex advice podcast 'Savage Lovecast' that we both listen to, he coined that motto for special nights with special people and it's a tried and true approach for us.

What are you hoping listeners will get out of your songs about STIs and other sexual subjects?

A good time, first. A chuckle or laugh about the silliness and puns, hopefully. Maybe an impulse to think about their own sex health approach and techniques, to bring the topic up in their open or poly relationship⁠ for discussion or with the next person they are intimate with... we are regularly surprised what people take away from certain songs, so you never really know.

If you could each give your past selves advice on sex and/or relationships, what would it be?

There's no such thing as too much talking, always, and before things get sticky. Make sure you're on a similar page and ask questions instead of interpreting or assuming.

You can watch the Cutest Kittens video here. If you want more information on STI testing, or how to disclose your status, we've got you covered.