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Want to get some great condoms and other sex health and pleasure helpers right here?

Here are a bunch of samplers we've put together, expressly with our readers in mind, in partnership with Lucky Bloke, a fantastic independent safer (and usually so much happier!) sex retailer.

If you find something you want to try, and have a way of paying for things online, just add it to your cart. You'll be taken to a processing page that says Lucky Bloke up top. Once you make an order, they'll quickly ship your goodies, in packaging that doesn't tell what's inside. And when you do, Lucky Bloke also gives Scarleteen a whopping 40% of every purchase, helping us pay for all the things we do as an organization, online and off. That means you get things you want and need and help to support progressive sex and sexuality education at one of the most extensive and pioneering sexuality education services there is.

Here's to finding a great batch of high-quality condoms, lubes, dams or gloves that'll be ready to rock when you are!

Here's The Skinny! Sample Pack

When "average" sized condoms don't seem to be fitting well, more people will need a snugger style, not a larger one. And for people the age of many of our readers and users, snugger styles and more likely to fit best than larger or even average-sized condoms. If you find your condoms are frequently slipping off or seem to keep sliding down a whole lot, chances are good that a snugger style's what you need.

What's inside? A fantastic range of premium condom styles with a snugger fit – and that are also pleasure shaped, ultrathin, ribbed or studded – to increase pleasure and comfort. Explore snugger styles that include 12 best-selling condoms from brands like GLYDE, Beyond Seven, RFSU, Lifestyles and Caution Wear.

The How-Does-This-Fit Sample Pack

Not sure yet about what size of condoms works best for you or a partner? Or just want to have a range of different sizes handy? Here's an easy way to try a range of sizes out so you can start buying condoms that fit you and yours best.

What's inside? An assortment of 12 snugger, medium and larger sized condoms from brands like Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy Boy, Crown, L., Lifestyles, ONE, RFSU, or Trojan.

The Latex Free Levee

Can't use latex? No problem: that doesn't have to mean going without the safer sex protections we want and need. You can use all the same barriers those can who can use latex can so long as you get their latex-free versions. Some people who can use latex still find they prefer the feel of non-latex barriers, which tend to conduct body heat better, so can provide greater sensitivity. And fret not: non-latex barriers work just as well as their latex brethren when it comes to preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. 

What's inside? A variety of 12 non-latex condoms -- from Lifestyles SKYN, Durex, Unique Pull and Trojan, the FC2 inside/female condom --  2 latex free dams and 2 pairs of nitrile (also latex-free) gloves.

The Slippery Slope Stockpile

Does sex with barriers feel more like sex with barriers than sex with a person? Are condoms breaking? Do you or your partners often feel sore or uncomfortable with sexual activities like intercourse, matsurbation or manual sex? Does sex with condoms feel a lot less good than it does without? Are you always using plenty of lubricant before and during sexual activities? No?  Then that may be one of your big missing pieces that can change any or even all of that.

A little lube inside a barrier and plenty of the outside, on hands with masturbation or manual sex with a partner, and used before and during any sex with entry goes a very long way when it comes to pleasure, comfort and also helps barriers to be as effective as they can at preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted illness.

What's inside? An assortment of 12 premium packettes -- water-based, silicone-based and hybrids -- from premium brands like überlube, Pjur, Encounter, Sliquid, Yes, Good Clean Love, Sensuva, Wicked, Fusion, ONE, and Hathor Aphrodesia.

The Handy Hookup Heap

Want a to-go sampler pack that includes condoms, lube, and two little wipes if you're staying up all night? This one has you covered.

What's inside? 6 great condoms, including styles like Okamoto 004, Skyn, GLYDE, and the FC2 (Female/Inside) Internal Condom, 4 single-use lubricant packets from Sliquid, Please and überlube and 2 unscented wipes and a so-adorbs little disposable toothbrush from Colgate.

The "Holy Crap, I Can't Even Feel That's On!" Collection

A lot of people have the idea that thinner condoms aren't as durable or effective as thicker ones. Not true! In fact, studies done on thinner condoms often find them to be more durable, not less, and equally effective. And since thinner styles tend to feel a lot better, chances are good that people are going to be way more psyched to use them, and using them in the first place is essential for condoms to be effective at all: they can't be effective if we're not using them. If you feel like you really feel condoms when you're wearing them -- rather than a partner's body or your own parts -- even when using plenty of lube, then thinner styles are going to be your new BFF.

What's inside? This international ultrathin sampler offers a range of 12 premium condom brands and styles to enhance sexual pleasure and comfort. It includes best-selling condoms from brands like Billy Boy, ONE, L. Condoms, Okamoto, Kimono, Beyond Seven, Crown, and Trojan.

The Sisters are Doing it for Themselves Shebang

Don't leave bringing the barriers up to your sexual partners! It's best when everyone who's part of a sexual interaction or relationship is prepared, on their own, with what we all need to be safe and sound so we can enjoy ourselves and reduce the risks of the things we don't want. It's easier to feel prepared, secure and empowered when you aren't relying on someone else to cover your sexual safety basics.

What's inside? 6 great condoms, including styles like the Okamoto 004, Skyn, GLYDE, and the FC2 (Female/Inside) Internal Condom; 4 single-use lubricant packets from Sliquid, Please and überlube; 2 latex dams and 2 pairs nitrile gloves so you can be at the ready with what you need without relying on a partner to keep you stocked.