Thank you! We did it!

A big thank you illustration by Isabella Rotman with unicorns and condoms and hearts and red letters and rainbows!Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Just under the clock, exactly 150 donors, and about twice that many other helpers, got us across the finish line and past our minimum goal of $10,000 for our Halloween annual fundraiser.

We're so grateful for your contributions that help us continue providing progressive, comprehensive, inclusive and scare-free sex, sexual health and relationships education and one-on-one and peer support for young people all around the world, for free and on their terms, every day, when they want and need it. We know that so many of us are still so strapped right now -- strapped with money, strapped with time and energy -- and things can feel really precarious. We appreciate your generosity with us, and that you value what we do and who we do it for enough to pitch in for us as you can. Thank you.

If you donated to this campaign and/or you helped with it in some other way -- maybe you told friends about our ask, or shared it on social media, maybe you flew a banner from the back of your bike about it -- we'd love to say thank you with some Halloween musical theater silliness (you know this is queer  sex ed, right?) prepared as a thank you for getting us to our goal.

If you donated through Network for Good online, you're on the list to get it. Otherwise, all you need to do to get on it is act in good faith and put yourself on the list below. We operate on the honor system with this kind of stuff. Also, we are both tired and magnanimous. Expect email from us on Monday!

We use our mailing list with stunning infrequency, saving it for once a year funding asks, truly major announcements, and almost certainly the apocalypse. You'll never hear from us with it more than once or twice a year, if that. You can also always unsubscribe easily right after you collect this gift if you like.

A little ghost condoms that says "for a scare-free (but not scarer-free!) thank you gift for donors and other helpers:"