Why Consensual Kisses Are Better

Wait! Not the band KISS. The action! You don’t need to have a four piece rock band to have a rockin’ kiss. You only need consent!

So right about now you might be asking, “why is a consensual kiss better than other kisses?” Well, consensual kisses are not only better than other kisses but they’re better than all other make-outs. Combined! It’s simply a matter of preference, comfort, & effective communication.

First, preference. According to GoAskAlice.com, an online comprehensive sexual health resource, when surveying what goes into a great smooch, most respondents prefer to be asked before locking lips! Lips desire words. So if you desire lips, remember this truthful tip: lips like to talk.

Second, comfort. Renown dating author Fran Greene was interviewed by Jezebel’s contributing writer Anna North, and Greene mentioned to North that the most successful flirting involved asking questions to help make the other person feel comfortable. So sexy and considerate aren’t mutually exclusive. They’re mutually supportive!

Thirdly, effective communication. There is nothing more clear and reliable than communication through words. Thus, therefore, ergo, accordingly, and consequently the best way to communicate is through words! Best of all, by asking for a kiss, have you started the hookup on a consensual note. So maintaining communication through words during the “explorations” will be that much easier, sexier, and more alluring!

So, let’s step up our game with some of these questions! Free of charge.

1. Can I kiss you?
2. Are you attached to your Chapstick, or can I kiss it off?
3. Are you considering a kiss right now?
4. Would you like me to kiss you?
5. Would you like a kiss?
6. What are your favorite kinds of kisses?…Do you want one?
7. What is your favorite kiss?…Do you want one?
8. I’m being honest, so I’m not lip-syncing, but would you like to sync lips?
9. You have a little something on your lips and my lips are clean. Would you like me get it off?
10. I’d really like to kiss you. Would you like the same?

As always, respect the answer you get. And if it’s a yes, be present and awake to small signals while you enjoy your kiss!!! Now, was it The KISS Army? Or, The Consensual KISS Army? Not sure, but I bet you guess which one TCP would wants to be enlisted in!