Am I going to get caught?

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Am I going to get caught?

Unread postby idontknow37 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:07 pm

Last night I accidentally texted my boyfriend if he liked receiving my nudes. Turns out his mom was using his phone and I didn’t know. Although she didn’t see any pictures, she did get my text and assumed we frequently send each other those things.
She then threatened to tell my parents this Sunday at church.
I don’t know if she will. My boyfriend said she probably won’t, but I’m too afraid to even think.
Do any of you guys think I’m going to be fine? Or do you guys think something bad will happen to me? I’m just panicking I’m really scared.

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Re: Am I going to get caught?

Unread postby Jacob » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:40 am

Hi idon'tknow!

To start with, I'm so sorry you are receiving threats from your boyfriends mom! It doesn't sound like neither you nor your boyfriend are doing anything harmful so I wish she had respected your privacy. You are also plenty old enough for this not to pose any legal risk either.

I understand that having a partner's parent confront our own parents would be very awkward and embarrassing. But depending on their reaction it might not need to be an issue after that.

How do you think they would react? Do you think you would be in danger in any way?
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