Pelvic floor muscle relaxation dysfunction

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Pelvic floor muscle relaxation dysfunction

Unread postby BettyJames » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:30 pm

there is a condition called pelvic floor muscle relaxation dysfunction I have technically suffered from it for twenty years but only been in constant, chronic debilitating pain after a brutal assault triggered it into overdrive when I was 15 so now it has been seven years. It started because I was very sxcual from an early age and also had a severe stress condition so kegeling (contracting the pelvic floor muscles like when you hold in your urine or stop it midstream) not only felt good but became my response to stress. I started feeling that something wasn't right at about age 11 but was blown off by my doctor and told i was just dehydrated. People with vaginas can get this condition a number of ways. Confusion in potty training, being told to hold it consistently and sexual assault are the most common ways to develop this pain condition. I was finally listened to and went to see specialists they checked out my bladder and everything was A ok so that left the pfms. There are treatments that can help including invasive and non invasive physical therapy, botox injections directly into the muscles and medications. I am making this post because many vagina bearers suffer from this and it only gets worse and worse when ignored. I am in pain every second of every day of my life and all I can do is manage the pain at this point. If you are having trouble getting urine out and even have the muscles lock up especially if you have experienced sexual assault see a specialist and get your muscles checked out. it is devastating to be in chronic pain in a part of my body that is so sacred to me and if you are experiencing any symptoms like difficulty with urination, painful intercourse or a feeling like there is a knot inside you between your belly button and your vagina seek help the sooner the better. This condition is fairly new in its discovery but if you catch it early you will be in much better shape. This post is about awareness and education I am not a medical professional but i am a long time sufferer. Kegeling can be dangerously and easily overdone as the brain and the muscles start to do it on their own. Please ask me questions and get yourself help if you feel you may be a sufferer of this debilitating condition.
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