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Is something wrong with the way I ejaculate?

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mot90 asks:

When I ejaculate my semen doesn't squirt out the way porn stars do it. It just sort of flows out. I was wondering is there some way to make that happen? Or does it happen over time?

Susie replies:

First and foremost: Pornography is not real. Always remember that. Life doesn't happen the way it does in the movies. Likewise, sex doesn't happen the way it does in porn. Porn actors are actors.

Is there anything wrong with the way you ejaculate? No. The force of a shot of semen depends on the strength of the muscle contraction that pushes it out. In this case, the PC (pubococcygeal) muscle contracts during ejaculation. You can find your PC muscle by urinating, then trying to stop midstream. that muscle you just flexed to stop peeing is the one that flexes to push semen out during ejaculation. Strengthening your PC muscle can make for more forceful ejaculations.

But bear in mind, nothing was wrong with the way you ejaculated in the first place. If you want to strengthen your PC muscle (through something called "Kegel exercises"), that's fine. But you don't really have a problem to fix.

written 10 Aug 2007 . updated 27 Dec 2012

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