Is my foreskin supposed to go back like that?

So, I just had sex for the first time last night and I guess my foreskin went back and it kinda hurt. Is it normal that my foreskin should go back like that? Also, I never had an orgasm last night and I woke up this morning and my foreskin was still pulled back. Is THAT normal? -Confused
Hollie replies:

The foreskin is supposed to be able to be pulled back over the head of the penis, compeletely, without any pain or discomfort. You don't want to leave it like that though -- Leaving your foreskin pulled up over the head of the penis can lead to paraphimosis. Paraphimosis is when the foreskin is no longer able to retract back down over the head of the penis due to swelling of the foreskin. If you're unable to pull the foreskin down over the head of your penis, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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