Is my discharge normal?

Hi, I am 18-years old. Currently, I am experiencing some brown color discharge that is thick and sticky, some what that looks like blood. Before my discharge turned brown, I have white, sticky discharge then greenish one. They are odorless. The situation has been occurring for past 3 months. Most of the time is 2 weeks after my period. Is my discharge normal or abnormal? Should I seek for doctor's advice?
Hollie replies:

Normal discharge should be clear, white, or slightly off-white and consistency varies from thick, sticky, creamy, and stretchy (depending where you are in your menstrual cycle). There is a certain smell to it, but it shouldn't be strong or offensive.

You should not be having brown discharge for 2 weeks of your cycle. Sometimes people with vulvas have brown discharge for a few days before or a few days after their periods, but it should certainly not be two weeks. Green discharge is also something I would consider abnormal, and should be looked at by your doctor.

When was your last GYN exam? If you have not had one this year (or ever), you need to see someone now. And by now, i mean soon, if this has gone on for the last three months. Something like this needs to be looked into as soon as possible, as abnormal discharge can indicate infection.

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