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Can you get pregnant from kissing?

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alana asks:

I was french kissing this very cute boy and I was wondering if french kissing or any kind of kissing can get you pregnant? If a boy puts his finger into your vagina, will you get pregnant?

Sarah replies:

Thankfully, there is no direct connection between one's genitals and their mouth. So no, kissing (of any sort) will not lead to pregnancy. The right bits of anatomy are just not in the right location for that to occur. Similarly, there's nothing about manual sex ('fingering') that could cause pregnancy unless your partner has fresh ejaculate (or possibly pre-ejaculate) on their hands. In order for a viable pregnancy risk to occur, you would have to either have unprotected, direct genital contact between your genitals and his (or direct unprotected contact between your genitals and ejaculate or pre-ejaculate). Many activities also carry STI risks as well. For more information about reproduction and activities that can cause pregnancy, check out the following links:

written 27 Aug 2007 . updated 03 Jan 2013

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