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Can I play with the cucumber?

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anonymous asks:

I got a little creative one day and put a well-washed cucumber with Saran Wrap up my vagina while I was horny. I was wondering if this is safe, and if there's anymore ideas that I could use because I don't get pleasure from my fingers.

Susie replies:

People improvise with all manner of implements when they masturbate. Some choices are better than others.

A cucumber is a common item people use for penetrative play. However it is advisable to use a proper latex condom instead of a piece of cling film. Cling film doesn't stay on very well, and it can make folds and corners that might not seem jagged or sharp to you at first, but with friction they can really scrape the holy heck out of your delicate vaginal lining.

In general, if you are going to improvise a dildo, make sure you pick and item that is smooth with no points or edges and won't break nor shatter under a reasonable amount of pressure. Also, it should go without saying, but please only use items that solely belong to you. If you use the cucumber it should be thrown away afterwards or at the very least not put anywhere where someone would pick it up and make a salad out of it.

written 04 Sep 2007 . updated 03 Jan 2013

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