Get Out Her Vote

Our nation is still at war. The right to abortion and birth control will be on the ballot in several key states. Global warming is an ever-present reality. And state affirmative action bans are proving to be one of many wedge issues—in the form of ballot initiatives—to expect this time around. It is time for young feminists across the country to Vote As If Our Lives Depend On It!

GOHV is a non-partisan campaign in accordance with the laws and regulations governing 501c3 organizations. This means your FMLA cannot support an individual candidate or party - Democratic, Green, Republican, Independent, etc. In addition, your FMLA must afford everyone the opportunity to register to vote regardless of their party affiliation. While partisan groups are focusing on candidates you will focusing on the importance of voting and what is at stake for young people, especially young women and people of color!

By focusing on at least four issues your group will stand out with students and this will help increase the group's membership. GOHV also offers group members an option for civic involvement that can make a difference but only lasts a few short months. Most state's registration deadlines end in early October!

Here's your chance to get involved!

The Feminist Majority Foundation has compiled an action Tool Kit and this website to help you launch a successful Get Out Her Vote (GOHV) campaign on your campus. With these materials on-hand, your FMLA/affiliate is empowered to get out the feminist vote.