This is dedicated to...

Thanks so much to everyone who has been pitching in with our current fundraising drive. We're getting awfully close to our goal -- to the minimum we need to raise to avoid any shutdowns -- and we could not be more appreciative and excited. Thank you!

During the last couple months, we've had quite a few people adding dedications to their donations. Some asked to have them emailed, but most just put them in their form for us to see them. We hate to see such heartfelt dedications only get seen by us, so we wanted to take a little break from the hard parts of fundraising, and share some of them with everyone here.

Maybe you'll find yourself in this list!

In no particular order...

• In honor of all of your teenage readers and your wonderful writers.

• Dedicated to Isabella Rotman, who has always and will always be an inspiration to me. <3

• To sharing the knowledge that will keep the next generation safe

• To Melissa McEwan

• To today's kids, so they know better than I did.

• To Judith Wood

• In honor of everyone at Scarleteen that does such amazing work! <3

• In honor of all survivors of sexual assault - we are in this together.

• In Memory of Jack Morin

• To Feminist Women's Health Center, Atlanta

• In honour of Doris Kerluke, a badass lady

• To my three daughters, so Scarleteen can be there if they need it

• In honor of Gabriella Spitzer

• To all the teens that this has helped, I only wish that this was around when I was growing up.

• In honour of the future that can be made.

• In honor of my students, for whom Scarleteen is an invaluable resource

• To Duncan Blake

• Smartest Sister in the World

• For all the beautiful people trying to figure out their world.

• To feminists!

• In honor of the invaluable work Scarleteen does to help young people everywhere

• For RepoMan, a stranger on the internet, who reminded me.

• In honor of Erika Moen

• For all queer and trans folks who have no other ways of learning about their bodies.

• To Mildred Brown

• In honor of my wonderful daughters

• To all the young people I have worked with in the past and all those I will work with in the future

• In honor of Charles Clifton and Test Positive Aware Network

• In honor of Mr. Kearney: the first person I ever came out to.

• For Sex and Honesty

• In honour of every young person who has suffered due to a lack of sex education

• In honor of Tumblr's social justice bloggers, without whom I would know so much less than i do.

• To all the teens that this has helped, I only wish that this was around when I was growing up.

• In memory of Fred Phelps. Let us educate our youth so that we never see his like again. Ever.

• To Humanity

• To all the queer kids like me - you are wonderful and there is nothing wrong with you. Grow strong.

• To keeping Scarleteen open for business!

• To my teenage self

(By the way, there have been a pile of these dedicated to me, personally, and I can't express how touched I've been to read them. As the one person at Scarleteen who has worked here all fifteen of our years, that means so very much to me. Thank you so much, y'all.  - HC)