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You are writing such a wonderful blog! As a young woman who will at some point probably in the next ten years be faced with the decision of wether or not to have children, I have enjoyed your blog so much.
If it helps at all, I have Endometriosis (seems unrelated I know, bear with me) and some of that cause some hormone imbalances, plus I was recently (about four months ago) moved to a more intense hormone therapy program, so I think I can empathize with your hormones running wild and your body hurting, and everything just feeling like too much. It is hard! Your breasts hurt and your uterus hurts, and your back hurts and you genitals feel swollen and sore and you don't want to take any painkillers because you're tire of feeling dopy, and then something happens (for me it was a rabbit at school breaking its leg) and you just feel like the world should end. You're so right, it's just hard.
Congrats on your baby, I hope your hormones level out, and you start to find some equilibrium soon.
Best of Luck
Lauren :)