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It amazes me the amount of support the slutwalk has gotten. It is based on an entirely unproven assertion that rape is not about how someone dresses or looks, that it is entirely a question of power. Why then are 80% of rape victims under the age of 30 according to RAINN? If rape is just about power shouldn't it be distributed evenly across the population instead of concentrated in the younger, more fertile and sexually attractive population.

The simple truth is that rape is about both sex and power.

Normally women have the power in a hetero-sexual relationship. They say "yes" or "no" to sex. It is women who go to a bar, sit at at bar and wait for men to approach so they can then say "yes" or "no". Often they parley this sexual power for material gain, wether it be free drinks in a bar, jewellery, or even greater prizes they are accustomed to being the arbiters of their sexual power. That is why many are so viscerally offended by rape. It reverses the normal power dynamic where women are on top and men are the supplicants. It transfers the power of "yes" to the man unilaterally. So sex is about power but it is also about sex which is the desired commodity at issue in the violent crime of rape.