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Reading this, and your previous post on SlutWalk, makes my heart ache and me say 'Finally! Thank you!' Fighting the judgmental and misrepresenting media ideas of SlutWalk and the many critics who specifically select the more provocative photos or the photos capturing a specific identity and experience has made this all much harder. We expected some of this but not this much of it, especially when we thought this activism would never attract more then 150 people in Toronto let alone any other city or country.

As someone who's also been involved in activism for years and attended a lot of different rallies and protests there are a lot of similarities. Every protest I've attended includes people wearing what they want, people showing more skin and wearing things that would be deemed 'slutty' by someone else, and people dressed in ways that grab a lot of attention as they wear a protest on their body.

So thank you for saying these things and for challenging the judgments placed on the way people dress and look. That's just what we've always been doing in SlutWalk.

Heather Jarvis
SlutWalk Toronto