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I attended the Slutwalk in my city a few weekends back -- and afterward scrolled (with pretty massive disappointment) through the slideshow our local paper provided. It's true that, at our walk here, the burlesque and pole communities arrived with bells on (and often little else) -- and they looked stunning. But the rest of the crowd was equally strikiwng, and as a whole, we looked so much more like what you've linked -- women and men in every imaginable combination of clothing and skin, far less concerned with being sexy than with standing up for the right of every person to look as zie chooses, without our choices being used to justify violence. Personally, I was wearing jean shorts and a spaghetti strap tank-top (the kind I was told not to wear growing up, because it "gave men ideas"). I outlined a Scarlet A on it with surgical tape. Although several people took my picture, I was one of the many people too "restrained" for the media representation. Looking at these photos on Flickr, not only do I finally catch sight of myself at the walk, but I see for the first time a representation of the event I attended. I hope more people who are actually coordinating and attending these events begin to speak up about the gulf between Slutwalk and Slutwalk-in-media -- because it was that true diversity of the crowd -- not the nekkidness -- I found most powerful.