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Thank you so much for your story, facts, and explanations. Two women I am very close to are rape survivors - I have cried for them for years, and share their fear. Yet I also heard how their clothes & actions contributed to their rapes - as if they could've avoided it if they dressed or behaved differently. Like your story - nothing could be further from the truth. It saddens me that even to this day I know a man (& since there's one, that means there are more) who believe this - despite the facts, despite the stories, that don't even see what's WRONG with the statement by the mayor of Toronto. I don't know how to convince this man - he is intelligent and kind - but he is wrong. If I present facts, he'll still argue. And even though I'm just the friend of these 2 survivors, it still pains me too much to hear his agreement. I think your story will help clarify the important facts, and thank you for having the strength & courage to share it.