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Thank you for your post Heather: I have learned something I didn't know. I am a feminist and am part of the blogosphere but didn't realise that some (all?) of the women who took part in the SlutWalks were women who were wearing what they wore when then were assaulted. Why didn't I know that? Did I not read enough about it? Was it not reported? I don't know. But I want to apologise for not knowing this and viewing the SlutWalks as missing the point of the real harms done to women every day, when it seems that it was actually a visible representation of the many women who have been harmed. How very brave. And also, despite your worry that you could not bring yourself to wear the same clothes as you wore when you were attacked, you are very brave in sharing your experience with us: I too would have a hard time wearing the clothes that I was attacked in at 12 by my stepfather. Thank you.