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I was one of the women who wore what I wore when I was raped (and held up a sign saying so). I revealed my rape story to the audience of SlutWalk Brisbane - raped by a woman at a swinger's party. Talk about slutty.

I received such an outpouring of love and care and understanding from the audience. SlutWalk was one of the very few places that validated my experiences - that accepted that what happened to me was indeed rape, that no matter how slutty it was and how slutty I still am I never asked for or deserved to be harmed in any way, that the fault lay with the perp and not me.

I did get some nasty comments on photos of the event from people who weren't there, but I was quickly supported by others who spoke up for me. I got to reach out to other people with similar circumstances. I travelled to San Francisco (where I'm now at for the summer), where consent and safety in BDSM circles have become hot topics, and there are opportunities to make experiences like mine a warning rather than an example.

Thank you for appreciating and noticing us. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you. thank you thank you thank you.