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I love these questions. I make no sense in the virgin-whore dichotomy; (I think this is pretty common. ;)) My behavior tends to land me the "prude" label, my words tend to lean toward "slut," and then there are added "complications" of queerness and disability that land me basically outside the conversation entirely. What's frustrating about this, I think, is that we're never in or out of it entirely. I may not actually fit in either box, but I never escape the expectation that I should fit in one or the other, or find some fresh new model that does allow me to make sense. A few months ago, I started this Virgin!Roar blog carnival because I wanted to give myself and friends of mine who were struggling with this a space to talk about why the prude label did or didn't work for us. (In a sense, it was an attempt at Slutwalk from the other side). Unfortunately, while we had some great things come in, the focus on "virgin" in the title sort of swayed things toward the conservative side, which didn't really work for me.) But I think we definitely need some forum to talk about what it's like to be slutvirgins or prudewhores, or whatever the dichotomy bashing term is. I love what's happening with Slutwalk, in many ways, but I worry about how much the "prude" side remains unaddressed. I think both sides of the dichotomy and the spaces of "overlap" and "outsider" etc -- need to be discussed by the actual people living the lives and experiencing the labels. Too often, the virgin/prude and the slut/ whore are just symbols, appropriated by people to make demands on how the rest of us live in our bodies. So, when I don't have a lot of sex, the only image of "virgin" I have is the religious abstainer with conservative politics -- not a reflection of me at all. Likewise, the only representation I have of someone who expresses the kinds of ideas I do is the "slut" who has loads of sex with loads of partners -- again not me. I think we need space to talk about these labels, to point out that -- while they aren't based in realities -- we live them in very real ways and they do very real damage. Which is why we need real, concrete solutions.