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I really want to let all of you have this conversation among yourselves for a while, first, but I did want to quickly say something about sex educators and our personal sex lives based on one of your comments.

Ultimately, a really good sexuality educator is someone who is relying on, and addressing, far more that's about broad populations, experiences and studies than one's own personal life. In other words, we are supposed to know, and always make clear, that anecdotal sexual experiences are NOT the stuff on which to base or center quality sex education.

And just so you know, as a sexuality educator and someone who networks with a ton of other educators, we are a very diverse bunch, and there are absolutely some educators -- and good ones -- who have only had one sexual partner, as well as some who have had NO sexual partners.

I don't think there's anything within this field as a field which tends to usually consider sex educators on that kind of criteria. Again, that would be considered woefully unprofessional. I think the sense that most or all sex educators have had, or must have, a certain kind of sex life is actually based more on stereotypes of who we are by people outside the field.

So, relax! People who want to be sex educators get to have the personal sex life they want to have, and unless that's in real conflict with the parts of the job that matter (like, say, sound ethics around consent with partners), I feel confident saying that whatever that looks like and you want it to be won't impact your ability in that job. In fact, if you can make it look like and be like what you want it to be authentically, not based on what others want or you think they feel should be, THAT skill and kind of sexual choice is likely to really support doing this kind of job well, because that's something many, many people you'll educate need real help with. :)

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