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Honestly, I feel as though my only choice in my public sexual identity is that of "slut," and it really upsets me. Why should I have to take on a identity that stereotypes me? On the other hand, I've had to deal with the prude issue as well, because I want to work in sex ed and I do have a lot of those loud, open about sexuality, and otherwise "slut-like" qualities, but my number of partners is low. I wondered for a long time whether a sex educator could be ok at her job if she had just one partner. Also, I have a lot of respect for sex and I absolutely value the idea and the practice of abstinence. I feel it needs to be spoken about in a way that is positive. I like to say that no sex doesn't equal no sexuality. But does that make me a prude?

I wish there were some kind of activism where people show that being sexually active and openly enjoying sex =/= sex with everybody all the time. Kind of like SlutWalk, but more like..."I'm a Sexual Human Walk." What would that look like? I mean, could there be some kind of way to get every voice together, from the so-called promiscuous folks to people who have sex in a serial monogamous way to abstinent-until-marriage people and everyone in between?

Blog/tumblr project, maybe? :p