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Dear Ben,
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with young men and women. Sex is scary and it's even scarier when one needs to take a stand for their safety and health. The spread of STD's and HIV is growing daily and it is through people like you that positive message get shared. When I was younger I did not feel like I had resources such as this to learn about sex. I come from a family where we don't talk about anything (and ESPECIALLY sex)! Communication is key, and it is obvious that in order to be safe sometimes things need to get a little awkward. I work at a Children's Hospital and I was suprised to find that we do not offer very many programs for sex education. Educating young people about sex is so valuable; I have seen too many young parents at the hospital to know this. I am hoping to learn more about resources our facility has, and hope to get more invovled in this venture at the local level. Thank you for sharing.