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I was raised Catholic my entire life and have only attended private, Catholic schools from Kindergarten until high school. I graduated from high school about a week ago, and am moving on to college. However, I am one who has questioned my religious beliefs and those around me constantly, especially recently since I am one who speaks her mind.
In 8th grade we had to write a persuasive essay, and to win my extremely religious teacher's approval, I did it against abortion and the pro-choice view. Throughout my life and high school career, I've seen photos of aborted fetuses and many powerpoints (especially when it came to making persuasive speeches this past year) describing why it's wrong. And yes, it is horrible for the baby to never have a chance at life... but I have some feminist views as well (perhaps that came along with attending an all-girls high school). Mainly, THERE IS A CHOICE FOR THE WOMAN. I always feel that women are blamed for having sex when we get pregnant, and that men get off much easier. I know this is a stereotype and doesn't always apply, but it seems to me that it always comes down to us. Honestly, if I was faced with an unexpected pregnancy, I don't know what I would do. I love children and cherish them, but I also have goals for myself. It sounds self-centered, especially if one had sex willingly, but it's true. Sex is natural, and many explore their sexuality. I loved this post in that it shows the other side. You may still consider abortion murder, and I honestly don't know where I stand exactly on that issue. But sometimes, it's okay to be a little selfish and think of yourself... and to know that there is always that choice you can make for yourself.
Thanks for the post!