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Your story has touched me. I am still undecided. However, your story is EXACTLY like mine. I was never one to preach about pro life or por choice but, I too, was thinking it was only for the sluts who didn't have the sense of morals, who couldn't control themselves. I thought I was one of God's perfect and pure angels. Until I met this wonderful guy in college who I am still with. I never want to be in the position to where I have to make that desicion of being pro choice, but it is nice to know that if there is ever a need, there is that option of...let's just say I hope I never have to, but I'm glad I have that option.
I do have a question for you though that I have been struggling with. What do you think God thinks about sex before marriage? If you have sex with one person, you are married to them spiritually. I have struggled very much and I do regret a lot, but then, I love my boyfriend with all my heart and we do hope to marry eachother one day.