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But whichever conservative told you that "sex would break you" is completely wrong. Sex was MADE by God, so it's most definitely good. He just created it for a man and wife to share only with each other. You're totally right about us Christians preaching against abortion and premarital sex not doing much to educate against WHY and against the diseases and whatnot. I'm not "holier than thou" either, especially since I'm now 24 and had sexual relations with an ex and at the time, I was 18,19.. No one is perfect and those who preached that Christians are perfect are wrong-we're just forgiven. You've probably heard that before because you grew up in the church. This is why it's so important to educate the youth not just threaten against youthful lusts, Which I've been a victim of countless times. My current boyfriend and I are waiting for marriage. It's been over a year and we still have this strong conviction. He even Warns me all the time that guys are dogs, in every natural sense of the word. It's just in their nature to seek sex--GOD-given nature. Some people just abuse the beauty of sex. I'm sorry you're now against the ways you grew up in, it's true, if you don't stand up for one thing you'll fall for anything, but if you stand up for one thing without really knowing why and without foundation, it's still wrong. God forgives, always, and judges always. In the end, just because some people don't understand the concept of a loving but righteous God or they're afraid of judgement, doesn't stop it from happening. I love sex and can't wait to experience it again with my future husband. We're getting married soon! :) And we can have sex all we want and it's going to be AWESOME and just how God intended it to be. Naturally you're free to have a choice in this world...doesn't necessarily mean it's right.