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It's a dangerous line of reasoning to start questioning which lives are worth more than others- this was the excuse for enslavement, hangings, witch-burnings, genocides, ect. But in any case, this article isn't about the morality of abortion- that's something only you can decide for yourself. This article is designed to explain the hypocrisy and failure of pro-life education programs that stress abstinence only, and to expose the true intent behind these attitudes- that the focus isn't about preserving life, but rather about censoring the sexuality of women (if it wasn't, I think any promiscuity on the part of men would be held in higher contempt as they are the other half of the equation). I don't know anyone who would relish having an abortion, and I can say that none of the people I know who have had to make that unfortunate choice have enjoyed it or taken it lightly. You don't ever have to have an abortion if you don't want to- but the woman next to you, who may not share your convictions, has a right to have a CHOICE. And that is what you'd be supporting- the right to a choice. We are people, not vessels, and I am especially contemptuous that the fate of my choice is in the hands of men who will never- CAN never- be in the shoes of a woman who has an unwanted pregnancy.