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What a phenomenal essay. Thank you Heather. Thank you.
I am part of a sex positive group in Los Angeles, and this couldn't have reached me at a better time in our current political climate with many Republicans in offices in many states attempting to roll back many rights- civil rights, rights for women and men.

When does life begin and if your mother chose to terminate, how would you know if you hadn't been here in the first place? I used to believe these were private questions of faith and religion (not only reserved for Christian religions!) but now I see that we can't keep our private ideas and beliefs private anymore if we are going to defend womens -and mens!- rights to reproductive freedom, health and the choice to not bear children.
The theme of how are young women's entire lives are affected by unwanted pregnancy has been so major for me and you talk about it so eloquently.... Thank you. Thank you. I will be sharing this far and wide.