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I guess I might introduce myself by saying that my name is Sariah. I am 15, and a girl as well.
Though I've never been entirely confident in the way I look, I've recently been having a rough, and I do mean ROUGH, time with the way that others and I see my body.. and I stumbled, by some miracle handed to me straight from God I might add, on scarleteen! This is SUCH a GREAT site, and it has helped me majorly in so many areas of my life. Let's face it, I know of no one person who has experienced an overall G-rated childhood. And relating to text-book perspectives or sugar-coated stories from adults who feel they have to expect complete ignorance from us can be greatly unrealistic. I read your story and actually feel like someone understands.. it made me feel as if I'm not just a messed-up kid who sees or feels things that are distorted or abnormal for people to experience. So... THANKS!