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My "sex-ed class" in high school was a joke. Our teacher was old and senile and was not really into saying the words "penis" or "vagina". Despite the failed attempt at sex-ed, I was really lucky to find this site, as well as to have been raised by parents who are pretty willing to discuss sex with me. I also found a spark of hope this year at my school in my Introduction to Sociology and Psychology class. We were discussing deviance, and rape was among them. Under the "common myths and stereotypes" surrounding rape, there was the typical "she asked for it/she led him on/she was behaving a certain way". A few kids in my class said it "could be a little true". I, and a few others, immediately jumped all over that and explained how wrong and just plain messed up that thought process was. I was really glad our teacher opened the floor to allow peers to educate one another. As the conversation wound down, she added "it doesn't matter what you wear, or how you act, you always have the right to say no. always". I was so so proud to be in that class and I was so so thankful that she spoke up. So while there's always the bad/uneducated, there are pleasant surprises!