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You know, the whole thing with the Sex-Ed curriculum in Ontario changing was something I was REALLY looking forward to, and then they revised their initial decision, which saddened me slightly. What saddens me even more is that no matter what they do to change the curriculum there will be COUNTLESS students in the Catholic school system who will not be taught properly. I'm in tenth grade in a Catholic high school in Ontario and we're being taught sex-ed within our religion course, rather than our phys-ed course (where the textbooks actually give accurate information related to the subject).

My experience in this class, the only school-provided sexual health education I've had since eighth grade, has been irritating at the best of times. I've learned a hell of a lot from this site. In fact, I could safely say that 90% of my knowledge on the subject has been from here. What are we learning in class? That boys are more promiscuous than girls, that girls "tempt boys with sexy clothing" and that "using birth control increases the risk of STDs". I made it known to my teacher that he could list Scarleteen as a resource for the class, but he claimed that it was too "anti-catholic".

I guess that what I'm really trying to say is that even if the curriculum changes for the better, it won't in the Catholic system. This is a shame.