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I absolutely hear you that stories like this are pretty rough, antigone.

At the same time, if we're telling the truth about our world, and the sexual and interpersonal realities of many people, these are actually very common stories. Obviously, in situations like this we want to do all we can to support and help people in leaving abusive relationships, however, that tends to be a process for most people in them, and something that can take some time, especially for people who are cohabitating, legally married, have children and/or are financially dependent on a partner.

So, "the the meantime" measures that can help prevent sexual health outcomes that may make life and leaving even more difficult can make a PROFOUND difference in the lives of people in abuse. If you become pregnant again, leaving is that much harder, so a Depo-provera shot someone can hide from an abusive partner, or a female condom someone can use to help prevent pregnancy and/or disease can really be a huge deal, and can help create an even better success story in which a person has less to carry or manage so they CAN leave in time.

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