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...but you're just so cute.

So you've uncovered Planned Parenthood's diabolical secret: through all the thousands of years of humans enjoying sex for pleasure as well as for reproduction, as demonstrated through our art, language, religion, science, etc., it's all been leading up to one thing - abortions for profit! My god, how have we been duped for so long?

Also, anon, I take issue with your women-centric fears. As a man, I'm just as likely to become a slave to pleasure. Thankfully, I'm a functioning addict - despite a lifetime of having sex for pleasure with multiple partners, I managed to get married, have a kid, buy a house, hold a job, and have a social life, all despite my servitude to lasciviousness. I eat, I laugh, I cry, I write poems, I take photographs - all somehow without simultaneously having sex. It's tough, but I manage. Any other survivors out there?