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I just wanted to give a shout out on the virtue of Safer Sex Kits... it's sort of like a more "grown up" version of a Travel Fun Kit or Happy Meal (well, without the food unless you're talking flavored lubes and condoms...) but arguably even more fun!

Safe, Sound and Sexy: Safer Sex Kit Instructions and Packing List
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Hooray for buying your own condoms! I've always been a fan. :) I will also say that free condoms from health centers and clinics, as great and necessary a public service as they are, are OK but I really recommend spending the money on a brand that you and your partner/s like for comfort and safety reasons. I see it as a good investment and even pretty darn "cheap" entertainment when you think of the extremely low price per condom (compared to the $10+ admission per person at so many movie theaters these days, for example.)