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First of all, I'd like to say that I am a man, and in no way am I trying to promote my opinions by
pretending I'm from the opposite sex. However, since I am a man, I can give a little insight as to why I believe that that the act itself is not demeaning.

I think we can all agree that the entire sexual act is about giving and receiving. I'm actually offended that woman would label it as demeaning. Especially, if it's welcomed on the receiving end. For instance, my girlfriend loves it. My girlfriend, who I love and have been with for years, lovingly asks for it; and to be honest I love to give it. Now before you jump to conclusions, let me explain in further detail of the mind set and why I believe it's ok. In my opinion, it's a gesture of acceptance. I don't see how a woman receiving this from someone she loves or cares about is in any way demeaning. A couple can do WHATEVER they want in the privacy of their own bedroom. So for a woman to harrase another woman for doing it is ridiculous in my opinion. Of course, this act -can- be demeaning, but so can all sexual acts. I would never ever condone this act or any other sexual practice to be done without the willingness of both parties. In that willingness and acceptance, there was a choice and a woman has the choice, as she should, to choose to do whatever she wants with her body unless it's harmful.

We're not talking about a woman who does this to random strangers everyday. We are talking about the actual act. As I've mentioned before, it's a gesture of acceptance. It shows her partner how comfortable she is him. You might as well rule out all submissive acts as masagonistic, if you're going to go there. I would do anything to please my girlfriend and she'd do the same; so where does the problem come in?

Here's and example: A lady who willingly and regularly gives oral sex to her partner wouldn't be considered a victim would she? I think not. However, a woman who does this to other guys she just met, who are exploiting her for that reason, is clearly wrong. Those are the woman you have to protect and inform. Some woman and men do acts for the wrong reasons, and sometimes they're in denial about it. But you can't single out the act because, it does exist on a loving level. I assure you.

I once knew a girl who loved to be choked as she was having sex(not a partner of mine). Clearly, that can be considered very demeaning, but who's to say it's wrong if it's something she really wants? My only discrepancy on that one is the safety. Obviously, facials are in no way dangerous. The disagreement lyes in the message or the symbolism behind the act. I do not think any less of my girlfriend for providing me the pleasure of enjoying this act, nor would I want another woman to judge what she does with the guy she tell she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I have always given her the option of denying it. So, in a way, I am defending my girlfriend and any woman who would be ridiculed over something they have willingly done to either put a smile on their partners face or for their own enjoyment.

Woman, have a lot to worry about. They are not only judged by the opposite sex, but by woman as well! I happen to be very sensitive towards the female population. I have three sisters and a mom I love to death. I wouldn't want them to ever be mistreated and I'm glad that feminist still fight today to promote equality and safety and against the dehumanization of woman. But you need aim your guns at where it matters. Why isn't there ever any discrepancy on dominatrix or any of the male submissive behavior? You're undermining the serious issues here, and those are the acts that are done against a persons will. The way women are whistled at or treated in public, those are the causes or topics that should be brought up to our attention.