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It might also be worth asking if there are any such politics when it comes to anywhere someone might ejaculate. If it's all very different when we're talking about a man ejaculating inside a woman's vagina, for instance, why?

because a face is different than a vagina. my face represents myself. it's the symbol of myself to the world. i dont want my boyfriend peeing on my face as he stands over me, and i dont want him ejaculating on my face either as i kneel in submission. (i don't think he'd care to do that anyway.) i can be kind of submissive in other ways, but this is one i just do not understand. it's a person's FACE, it has so much more meaning than like, an elbow. to each their own, but the face is kind of ...sacred, i guess? my face and vagina are just different. i use my nose to smell, and i use my ears to hear. i am not knocking the women who like it, but i question why they really like it. on most porn websites i've seen, facials only have to do with humiliation. if that's one cup of tea, so be it, but i think it's a context of culture and nothing else, and our current culture is pretty degrading to women, as much as it ever was. for men to sit around and say that it means nothing is bullshit.