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I think you raise good points about the cultural context, Based on personal experience growing up, I don't think there is necessarily porn all over in the global North but there is certainly a connection between commercialism/consumerism and sexuality, like how it's used in marketing contexts, if that's maybe what you're alluding to? I do think there is also diversity in porn even if the mainstream variety is much more prevalent; I have never seen porn that could be described as "humiliating" myself but it obviously has a market. I'm definitely intrigued by the "sprinkling of humiliation... coded into visuals" you saw and internalized while watching Indian movies growing up-- could you share a few examples. :)

Quote by"To me personally, the first and enduring meanings of semen on my body and my face have had to do with the sensation of liquid on skin, the texture, the colour difference and the feeling of intimate sharing (like saliva-swapping) and of course, explosive completion!"

I love your positive, vivid description there-- thanks so much for sharing this upbeat take on it!