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For a lot of people growing up/ living in the Global North, it can feel that pornorgraphy is everywhere. Whether we have actually watched porn or not, we may be familiar with different aspects of sexual performance related to porn -we are all exposed to porn culture, as it were. So someone who is begining to discover various sexual acts may not have a chance to form ideas and discover their feelings about, say, a facial, a priori to porn-related meanings of the act. But this is not true for every single person in the Global North and it is surely not true for people in other parts of the world, where culturally and scoially constructed meanigns for various acts are entirely different.
This article moved me to comment becuase as someone who grew up in South Asia, I was exposed to different visuals of sexual acts meant to demean women in hetero-normative sex. Facials, not so much. In fact, it took exposure to pop culture in the U.S for me to realize that a facial was anything more than higher SES Indian women geting mud-packs slathered on their face by economic migrant East Asian refugees at urban beauty saloons.
To me personally, the first and enduring meanings of semen on my body and my face have had to do with the sensation of liquid on skin, the texture, the colour difference and the feeling of intimate sharing (like saliva-swapping) and of course, explosive completion!
And the parts of my sexual repertoire that I find turn me on with a sprinking of humiliation thrown in (not ashamed to admit it!) are so coded into visuals I internalised as a child growing up on Indian movies that it would be incprehensibly innocous to the 'western' gaze.
It's all contextual, isn't it?