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Keep politics out of the bedroom? OK, that may be a nice thought but the truth is that everything in our lives is so politicized these days -- just look at legal issues surrounding abortion (I say, "Keep your laws off my body!")-- right down to the very personal matters of pleasure. Porn is such a hot button issue and I can see arguments for and against, but when it comes down to partnered sex, I'm going to do things that feel right in the bedroom (and beyond ;)) and not let political discourse dictate what I do or don't do when it is mutually desired and enjoyed. That's one big aspect of (sex-positive) feminism to me.

That's not to say that I don't appreciate the conversations being had. Mary, thank you very much for this great blog and summaries/criticism of the various links!

Additionally, I do find it ironic, as Heather also alluded to, that this one particular sexual act is getting so much attention (or criticism) when so many people (Scarleteen included!) are trying to get away from hyperfocusing on any one sexual act-- namely, how penis-in-vagina intercourse was/is too often (mistakenly) referred to as The One and Only form of sex.

[And, because sex is quite a slippery thing and fluids can end up in inconvenient places, wanted or not, here is a link about Ejaculation in the Eye. :)]