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Honestly, I think something like this is up to personal opinion. For me, I don't like porn. I honestly couldn't get off on it if I tried, simply because, to me, sex really isn't going to be enjoyable when 1) its disrespecting women 2) the woman is faking her enjoyment and 3) the man receives no pleasure from making the woman feel good. So... basically, facials are a no for me, as well as most sex in pornography (which is almost always completely man-centred, and if the woman wants to get off, she has to get herself off. Not cool) unless my girl WANTS it; because for me, I'd much rather not.

For me, As great as sex "feels" physically, the only thing I can imagine being satisfied with is my girl enjoying the experience. To be honest, if I had to choose between getting off and my girl being left hanging, and the reverse, I would take the reverse any day. There is nothing more beautiful to me than the satisfied look on my girlfriend's face after I kiss her. When I get married to her (yes, I'm old fashioned, I know) I look forward to seeing her satisfied in a much more intimate way!