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Nice post, Mary!

As I also mentioned to you, I think it can be very helpful to take gender out of the discussion, too. At least for part of it, so people can better look at WHY gender is an issue. For instance, are the same issues present when we're talking about external ejaculation -- be it on a face or otherwise -- when both partners are female, both partners are male, and/or when the partner ejaculating is female? If not, why not? Sometimes, I feel like the walls so often hit in this discussion, and where it seems to always wind up in the same places have to do with the fact that so often, the people discussing it are either heterosexual or are only talking about sex between men and women.

It might also be worth asking if there are any such politics when it comes to anywhere someone might ejaculate. If it's all very different when we're talking about a man ejaculating inside a woman's vagina, for instance, why?

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