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"A lady who willingly and regularly gives oral sex to her partner wouldn't be considered a victim would she? I think not."

That lady might think she does this willingly but the truth is that we are never really completely free even when we take decisions.
Our decisions are always unconsciously influenced by out education, the in influence of the society we live in and our own personal experiences and traumas.

We are in 2012, but the society is very patriarchal. Women are still taught since you ages to submit to men. This is very clear in how we raise girls. The examples are very easy to find and starts with the parents buying clothes and toys. Still today girls are taught that they are worth than men. It is very difficult as an adult to go against the formatting we received when young, even very difficult to be aware of it.

I do think that if a girl was raised in a society where women and men where really equal, women not taught to be submissive from young age, she would probably not like facials