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Thank you for writing this, although reading it made me cry.
A few years ago I dated a man who was 45 - I was 22. I still feel so stupid for getting involved with him. It is so sad to recognize myself in this post, and then realize that so many other girls probably do too. He would tell me so many of the same things "oh you're not like other girls", but what he meant was "you are more insecure, more vulnerable than those other girls".
It didn't get bad until I moved in with him. (Which I did because I had gotten fired, lost my place to live, and was a thousand miles from my family. A bad decision, yes, but I was scared of being homeless.) In the beginning he was pretty nice, and I can't pinpoint where our relationship turned sour.

Then, suddenly my friends were a "bad influence", being a bisexual meant i was going to hell, the tv shows I watched were "teaching (me) how to be a slut", the books I read were full of things that I would've realized were a waste of time if I had his knowledge and life experience. He belittled my interests, my intellect and my religion. He wanted to know where I was going, who I was talking to (which soon didn't matter because HE was the only person I saw anyway.)I was too fat for anyone else to be interested in. I was too dumb to understand this or that. He had a right to have sex with me whenever he wanted because he paid for food, rent and everything else. Often, when we at the grocery store, he pick up a piece of fruit and joke that he was getting his money's worth with me. He wanted me to think that I was worth a $1.99 mango. He told me that we were going to be married and that I was going to be "a great mom". And so on. I still fantasize about shooting him.

Eventually, with a lot of help from my mom, I packed up my stuff and took the dog he had starved and beat, and drove far, far, away.