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Okay, by reading this whole article you make it sound like any guy who is 3 or more years older than her is a horrible person. When the truth is, not all are
Im 14, and i met this 18 year old, now he is nothing, even close to this. He cares about me, he shows it he doesn't try and take advantage of me what so ever
He don't always ask me to have sex, nor has he ever, and no we haven't had sex either
So not all guys are like the one you have described in this one.
The one i have met, does not act even close to what you said in the artice or do anything in the form of any of it.
So i personally think that you should really add a little paragraph to your article saying, now there are some older guys girls i know have dated or how ever you want to start it off, then talk about how not all of them try to take advantage of you all all that stuff. Then at the end say something like, YOu just have to find the one older guy! So thats my opinon