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To me, this seems to be little more than a hateful rant, to be honest.

Yes, I'm sure you see lots of problems related to underage females and mature men. But honestly, why would you see the positives? If they're not having a problem, why would they write to you asking for advice?

My boyfriend is seven years older than me. (I'm still debating if he's the above anonymous poster, haha!) And I have to say, after comparing our relationship to these points you've listed, it honestly seems like you've got only one perspective on this. Like I said above - why would one be complaining about the above issues, if they aren't occurring?

I'm sure by this point, you're rolling your eyes, thinking I'm making him into the 'golden exception' simply because it's -my- boyfriend. But let's review this -
He was honest in telling me that he's been in love, many times, and still cares for his ex's of several years. If they didn't rob you and burn your car, wouldn't you? I know that I still have residual soft spots for my previous serious boyfriends. That said, he never tried to sell me that I'm his 'special first love'. He's only told me I'm different because I motivate him to be better and make something of himself, unlike his previous girlfriends, who only drug him down.
He didn't initiate sex the first time we had it. I did. Now, of course, it's sort of a mutual thing, because we've established that I'm okay with it, and invite it. I'm in hormonal birth control, but we use condoms when we feel it's especially necessary. Say, if I miss a pill or take it a little late, or perhaps I'm supposed to be ovulating.
He doesn't abuse me, make me feel useless, or discourage my 'equality' to him. One example of his helpfulness and encouragement is that he helps me look for jobs. He encourages my hobbies; for Christmas, instead of some trinket that he didn't put any thought into, he got me a comprehensive guide to photography and digital editing, one of my many loves. (Not to say that I wouldn't appreciate a trinket. It'd just have to be one that he put some thought into.)
Age really plays no role in our relationship, except the frequency that we see one another. He's got a job and going to school, and training for another job. I'm in school but with no job. So our schedules don't always match up.
Do I wish that we had a smaller age difference? Not really. I don't think of him as an (x) year old man. It's just a little inconvenient because of attitudes similar to the one expressed in your blog. That sort of negativity regarding our relationship has been a constant menace, but we'll pull through.
So, in closing, I can't really take this blog seriously as anything but an anger-driven rant. I think that your determination to make an enemy of these sorts of relationships is displayed adequately in the comment above my own. You're very eager to put down the anonymous poster for hoping his girlfriend doesn't read this, and I can't blame him. You give the impression of someone that's trying to turn young women away from all older men.
Yes, you list some valid points - some men will abuse an immature, young girl's naivety. But that can be said of women and men of ALL ages. Perhaps a more important topic to focus on would be the power abuse in any relationship, regardless of age, gender, et cetera. This little rant completely ignores abuse between same sex couples of greatly differing age, and it DOES happen, perhaps even more frequently than male-female couples, because of the taboo regarding homosexuality.