Spotlight on Scarleteen: In Your Own Words

This Spotlight on Scarleteen blog entry focuses on a very special section of Scarleteen's main site: In Your Own Words features real, honest-to-goodness first-person narratives written for you, by you, on a range of sex and sexuality-related topics from A(bortion) to Z(aftig celebration). Even if you have already seen this section before, it's worth stopping by again as new articles and perspectives are added regularly!

Here's a sampling of our current offerings, grouped by topic for your convenience! However, at this point we have 28-and-counting unique accounts by individual users, volunteers, and people on the 'net much like yourself.

Sexuality and Sex-Related Issues

It's Between God and Me So sure she'd "wait until marriage" for sex growing up, swgal found herself at odds with this aspect of her Christian upbringing once she had entered college. She shares how her spiritual and sexual journey intersect. At times they seems to clash or crash but ultimately she finds a way to take the Path Less Traveled and peace with both.

First-Time Intercourse: It Was...Good? If there were a Scout badge for Being Prepared for Your First Sexual Experiences, halfwish would totally get it, hands-down. She shares her positive experiences with First Time Intercourse, before, during and after. She and her cool boyfriend J. occupy the starring roles, while her informative GP and accepting mum take on supporting ones. This piece, along with our Sex Readiness Checklist, make for two "must-read" articles for people actively anticipating new sexual experiences.

Me & HSV For many people, the initial diagnosis of an STI like herpes or genital warts can feel like a cataclysmic event. However, these STIs need not be a rain cloud over your sex life; while these very common viruses cannot be cured, with education and understanding these viruses can be well-managed. And, as author Kat Giordano so awesomely points out, life with herpes truly can be as great as those cheesy Valtrex commercials lead us to believe!

Body Image and Acceptance

Frankenboobs One day you wake up to find yourself with two very differently sized breasts... this may sound like like fodder for a science fiction flick but it was reality for author Audra Williams. Read about how she came to terms with them. Hint: It may be different than what you expect.

Hair, There and Everywhere Scarleteen has a message board policy of not dispensing advice on shaving because we think body hair is just fine and what you do with it is a personal decision. However, we no longer live in an era like the 70s where a chest full of hair on men was considered desirable by many. Nicole is female and doesn't harbor any wishes for a 70s hair comeback, but she would like to accept that a beautiful head of hair doesn't usually just stop there.

My Body & Me Mortality shares her story about developing and dealing with an eating disorder. Because while disorders like anorexia and bulimia may appear to be about food intake, what's eating people is really so much more complicated. Find about her road to recovery and how she now happily can wear a miniskirt out clubbing.

Coming Soon

More In Your Own Words synopses coming soon on the topics of Rape, Abuse and Injury; Pregnancy, Parenting, and Abortion; and Activism and Empowerment.

Speak Up!

...and if reading about other people's experiences has inspired you to share an anecdote from your life, we invite you to do so here Scarleteen by clicking on the following: In Your Own Words: How to Speak Up! It can be something new that you write on the spot or an old piece you published on your blog or in your paper journal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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