Sexuality Resources


Dedicated to helping Black folks reclaim their connection to their bodies, sexuality, and pleasure.


Autostraddle is an online magazine and social network for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women and nonbinary people that offers a wide range of topics -- dating, sex, identity, bodies, food, books, music, crafts, the works! -- and progressive feminist online community.


Real, accurate information about sex, bodies and relationships in fun, animated videos.

Outsiders Helpline (UK)

This free helpline is 07770 884 985 and by email on It is open 11am to 7pm weekdays. The line is for any questions related to sex and disability, and is run by sex therapists who specialize in disability.

Sexual Education Resources at Respectability

An incredibly diverse and rich list of sex education resources specifically for or about those with disabilities. In coordination with Couwenhoven, RespectAbility released this lengthy guide featuring resources for sexual education for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities, with a focus on those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Disability And Sexuality at AMAZE

A video for young people which holds and explains that all people are (potentially) sexual beings, no matter what their bodies can or cannot do physically or what type of support they may need from time to time or all of the time.